2016 - Matthew 'Vegas" Varga


2016 - Matthew "Vegas" Varga

People had written him off. They said, he's a family man now and has no time for the boys. Well Matt Varga, dedicated husband and father of two, put all the doubters to rest at the 9th Annual Wiffle Ball Bonanza and walked away with MVP honors.


Now when you look enviously at the Varga family portrait above the living room mantle, you'll have to admire not only the 2016 MVP hardware, but the 2016 Champions' Trophy as well.


"Euphoric. That's the only way I can describe it," said Varga. "Being in the tourney for five years, you start to wonder if it's ever going to happen. Then to win the championship and MVP in the same year, and to do it with a group of veteran guys who've been around since the beginning and understand how difficult winning a WBB championship really is...the whole thing is just so gratifying."

2015 - Zach Henry
2014 - Nick "Nicky G" Groat
2013 & 2012 - Patrick Hall
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2010 - Alex Martin
2009 & 2008 - Zach Vignero

Zach Vignero, or "Vigs" as he's commonly referred to around the yard, is one of the Wiffle Ball Bonanza's "Original 12" members. He won WBB MVP honors in back-to-back years (2008 & 2009).


2016 - Nathan Neiderhiser

WBB Cy Young winners never get the respect they deserve. These are the guys and girls who go out and win games for their teams. There's tons of pressure when you're on the mound all alone and everyone's eyes are on you. The WBB has seen 8 Cy Young winners in its 9 years. Each winner has got the job done in their own, very special way.

Rookie, punk, youngster...terms thrown his way all day, but that didn't phase this savvy southpaw. That's why Nathan Neiderhiser was awarded the 2016 Wiffle Ball Bonanza Cy Young Award.

Being a first time WBB participant, Neiderhiser wasn't really sure what to expect, but he certainly proved that he's no stranger to the mound. The left hander led his team, Jager Bombers, to a championship appearance, finishing 2nd to Carlos Boozers.


Nate finished his tournament debut with over 30 strikeouts (avg. of 10 per game). Neiderhiser had this to say about his team's championship run, "We had an awesome day and I really enjoyed myself. We'll be back next year for sure."

2016 - Nathan Neiderhiser
2015 - Kevin Proctor
2014 - Zach "Morris" Franklin
2013 - Zak Boyd
2012 & 2010 - Johnny Valcheff
2011 - John Kinney
2011 - John Kinney

To put it simply, 2011 WBB Cy Young winner, John Kinney does not mess around. This guy literally changed the game. His 24 strikeouts is a record that still stands today.

2009 - Will Fennell
2009 - Will Fennell
2008 - Zach Vignero
2008 - Zach Vignero


"The Jack Wilson Award"

"You've got to keep playing, you know? You can't look at your record right now because it's only going to put you in a bad mood. It's just a matter of going back out there every day and, slowly, you get back to where you need to be."

- Jack Wilson #2 (Pittsburgh Pirates 2001-2008)

2016 - Matt "Te'o" Shanty

In 2016, the recently married Shanty was out to remind the neighborhood kids that he hadn't lost a step. He did just that.


The guy showed off his big paws all throughout the day, breaking batter's hearts like it was no one's business...shades of Willie Mays in center field.


Te'o, as he's known amongst his beloved group of friends, played a pivotal defensive role for his championship winning team, Carlos Boozer's. He's pictured here, next to WBB MVP Matt Varga, making an over the fence grab that saved 2 runs.


WBB officials were proud to unanimously vote Matthew Richard Shanty as the 2016 Phantasitc Phalanages - Jack Wilson Award winner.

2016 - Matt "Te'o" Shanty
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Matt Proskin making "The Catch."

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Taylor Grimm, turning 2.

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